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Podcast Your Story Now: Empowering Women to Tell Their Stories Through Podcasting

Julie Marty-Pearson, PsyD

Everyone has a story and every story deserves to be told, heard, and honored. Your host, Julie Marty-Pearson, tells her own personal stories and interviews her friends and fellow podcasters about their journeys in podcasting.
Podcast Your Story Now is all about the power in sharing stories through podcasting. Host Julie Marty-Pearson, PsyD shares her own personal story, including life as a podcaster and coach, lessons learned in her own podcasting journey, and practical tips and tricks to launch your podcast today. This podcast highlights female and nonbinary podcasters, discusses their journey in podcasting, and why they choose podcasting to tell their stories. Are you ready to Podcast Your Story Now?
Julie Marty-Pearson, PsyD is a Podcaster and Coach for New & Aspiring Podcasters, who is passionate about helping others share their stories through podcasting. She has her doctorate in Organizational Psychology and worked for 15 years in accreditation, assessment, and institutional research in higher education. Julie started her own business in 2019 to help other women going through career transitions and find professional paths they were passionate about. Now she supports others by starting their own podcasts just like she did with The Story of My Pet Podcast. Julie believes that everyone, especially women and non-binary people, have a story to tell and every story deserves to be heard. Podcasting is the fastest way to share your story with the world and she helps others create and launch their podcast. Julie started her second podcast, Podcast Your Story Now, to share her experience as a podcaster, give tips and tricks for new and aspiring podcasters, and interview other female podcasters about their journeys.
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